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luxury silk scarves Hymn to Color Michel Muylle

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A native from Belgium, raised in the city of Bruges, Michel Muylle initiated his professional life as an engineer in a corporate career in a multinational oil and gas company living and traveling several continents. 


Recently, his experimentation as an artist, up to the point of where he has been producing professionally nowadays, has been about life experiences and embedding his engineering skills often resulting in intricate geometric color configurations in varying and diverse media used.


Evident in his latest exhibition, are emotions brought from these experiences and where the physicality of his practices are intertwined.


The latest body of work on brushed aluminum, basis for these innovative silk scarves, is titled “Hymn to Color”, reflecting on his innate love for music whether ranging from the classical greats such as Mozart and Verdi to the flavors of today, reflecting upon color, composition and feelings.


His foray into fashion is a recent evolution which he seeks with passion and conviction.

Michel Muylle and Pro Libertate Arts ©  2014

luxury silk scarves Hymn to Color
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